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1/12 FORD GT40 Mk.II w/Full Interior
제조회사 : Meng Model
소비자가 : 382,000
판매가격 : 348,000원
수량 EA
배송 지역: 국내, 해외 배송 가능


Meng 설계팀과 FORD사 협력으로 1년간 준비하여 발매한 킷


*서스팬션 가동

*조립이 쉽게 설계

*PE & Clear Parts

*앞바퀴 조향가능

*Hatches 개폐 가능

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Product Link on the Meng Website
Meng has had this kit in the forthcoming pile for a while, and it looks like, from the information we received today - that it may give the Trumpeter kit of the same subject a proper run for this money - the famous Ford GT40 Mk.II from the 1966 Le Mans 24h driven by Ken Miles. A very popular subject (and a movie star to boot), this model has piqued interest with a lot of people who aren't even car modellers.

The newest features from the kit (updated 14/11/20)
The latest information on this kit shows us the full deal in full colour, with all of the features of the kit illustrated in the pictures below...

All of the underneath exposed, front hood off, doors open and rear engine bay opened up...
The front hood space, showing the spare tyre and the straps used to secure them in place
These straps are made of a very fine cloth that looks pretty good in 1/12th scale scale
These straps are also used for the seat harness of the driver with metal buckles...
The rear of the GT40 showing the large metal mesh engine covers at the back of the car...
Twin exhausts popping! A very sexy be-hind on this car indeed...
The chromed-metal parts included for the door handles are shown here...
An illustration of the engine compartment opened and closed to illustrate the range of movement.
The same with the doors...
The whole thing in a expanded view - not bad at all, we are looking forward to seeing this in more detail...
Previous news on this kit: (updated 09/11/20)
Previous parts of the model have shown the colour moulded parts of the kit in their full glory. The large size of this kit is beginning to become apparent as we look at all of the bits that reside under the body shell.
The whole thing under the body panels showing you all of the parts included and the intricate nature of the detailed assembly is here...
The details of the front suspension are improved by the metal springs and vinyl sleeves. A little painting will get an excellent mechanical look.
This is the more complex rear suspension. This large scale model has the advantage of having so many details which layer upon layer like the real thing adding depth and interest underneath as well as the outer shell.
The steering wheel is linked to the front wheels.
Electroplated parts and decals on the centre console and instrument panel are outstanding
The photo-etched parts are easy to install and the result is excellent.
The two front seats are designed with digital sculpting to have realistic texture.
Water and oil hoses of the engine are represented by the more realistic vinyl parts.
Ford V8 engine with a displacement of 7L. Full of presence, you can imagine the sound from this in real life?
The large exhaust stacks of the 7L Ford engine dominate the rear engine bay, some of you may want to paint these to add your own heat marks to the largest feature to be seen under here...
Previous news of this kit:
The body shell is here, along with the doors and wheels for the car. It looks like the lower floor pan of the car, the front section and the rear engine cover are the three main parts of the kit. No exposed attachment points on the wheels there where the sprue is joined to them and doors that as expected, will open and close are just some of the features of this kit.
Some parts of the sprue, with distributor cap needing only wires, the big radiator to keep this nbeast cool and some of the suspension parts of the kit can be seen here...
This kit has pre-chromed parts thatsome will like, some will make their own chrome. Rocker covers, engine part cover, wheel parts, even the rear-view mirror is chromed ready to drop in. Hopefully the attachment points are hidden on the kit.
The aluminium and chromed wheels and tyres are on display int he photo below, you can see the "Goodyear" trye decals below that, as well as decals for the  instrument panel or dash as you like to call it.
The decal sheet of this kit. cars #1 & #2 from the team are here so some variation for modellers (or those that want to show two cars 😁. The famous cars of Ken Miles/Denny Hulme or the No.2 car of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon are depicted here. 
Ken Miles in his GT40 Mk.II at the 1966 Lemans 24 Hour race. This just happens to be one of the markings included in this kit...
...Also now included in the kit boxing is the rather schmick looking black car from the same race - the No.2 car of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon 
The air grilles of the kit are supplied in photo-etched metal, so these can replicate the correct thinness of the body metal or even damaged if you like - the harness buckles for the spare tyre are also supplied in metal parts here. Notice that none of these parts are connected to anything around them, stuck in place by the sticky back that protects them, so there is no sanding or snipping to remove them.

Previous information on this kit from Meng:

MENG announced the plan of releasing model kits of the legendary Ford GT40 officially licensed by Ford Motor Company in 2019. Since then, Meng has received countless feedback from modellers and auto racing enthusiasts from all over the world. After the study and tests by the MENG team for almost one year, the first Ford GT40 product will be available soon.
This first product, RS-002 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66, is a 1/12 scale model kit prepared for modellers. It has all the features of a classic plastic assembly model kit.
Besides the large size of the car which offers great visual impact, you will get more from this RS-002 model kit. Our design team hopes to present more details and more realistic experience in this large scale model.
This MENG RS-002 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66 features not only an impressive size but also unparalleled fine details. More exciting news will be revealed later.

*프라모델 및 프라모델관련 Detail-Up 엑세사리는 조립과 도색이 필요한 제품들로서 만 14세 이상의 소비자를 대상으로 판매합니다.
*택배사는 로젠택배 또는 우체국택배를 사용하여 배송하며.주문금액이 10만원 이상일 경우 무료배송이며,10만원 미만일 경우 배송비가 3500원 추가 됩니다.
*결제가 완료된 주문은 2-7일 이내 배송됩니다.
*예약상품과 같이 주문한 제품들은 예약상품 입하후 함께 배송됩니다.
*제품의 교환과 환불은 제품 수령일로 부터 7일 이내에 가능합니다.
*밀봉된 제품의 개봉 또는 조립중인 제품은 반품이 불가능합니다.
*소비자의 변심에 의한 교환 또는 반품인 경우 왕복 택배비는 고객이 부담합니다.
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